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Townsend's Training Farm

A family owned and operated facility established in 1968 and incorporated in image1980. With many years of hard work and two generations with over one hundred years of combined experience, our farm has long been recognized as a successful leader in the equine industry. Read More

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Townsend's Training Farm 4th Annual Leadline and Walk Trot Show, October 8, 2017

Bring the whole family to horse around!  This is a  wonderful show for beginners to get involved.  Food available on grounds or bring your own feedbag.

New for this year - Prizes for most original & creative stick horse.  Get creative and show us your stick horse's personality!

Stick horse posse at walk trot Little girl riding stick horse at walk trot

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Class List

1. Lead line Equitation
2. Lead line Pleasure
3. Lead line Egg & Spoon Race
4. W/T Egg & Spoon 11 yrs. and under
5. W/T Egg & Spoon 12-17 yrs.
6. W/T Egg & Spoon 18 & Over

Stick Horse Special Events

7. Stick Horse 11 yrs. and under- $20, $10, $5, $5
8. Stick Horse 12- 17 yrs.- $30, $15, $10, $5
9. Stick Horse 18 and Over- $35, $20, $10, $5

Riders will be judged on the most original and creative stick horse. Each rider will enter the ring to the left and then be judged on the rail at a walk and jog both directions. You will then be asked to line up, and the ring steward will ask each stick horse and rider combination to come out of the line one at a time to show a brief demo of your stick horse's talent, be creative and show how talented your stick horse is!

10. W/T English Equitation/Pleasure Combine
11. W/T English Equitation/Pleasure Combine
12. W/T English Equitation/Pleasure Combine
13. Stick Horse Pleasure 11 yrs. and under
14. Stick Horse Pleasure 12-17 yrs.
15. Stick Horse Pleasure 18 and Over
16. W/T Western Pleasure/ Horsemanship 11 yrs. and Under
17. W/T Western Pleasure/Horsemanship 12-17 yrs.
18. W/T Western Pleasure/ Horsemanship 18 and Over

Lunch Break

19. COSTUME CLASS Open to ALL ages
21. Lead line Barrel Race 10 yrs and Under.
22. Lead line Flag Race
23. W/T Barrel Race 11 yrs. and Under
24. W/T Barrel Race 12-17 yrs.
25. W/T Barrel Race 18 & Over
26. W/T Flag Race 11 yrs. and Under
27. W/T Flag Race 12-17 yrs.
28. W/T Flag Race 18 & Over
29. STICK HORSE Flag Race 11yrs. and Under
30. STICK HORSE Flag Race 12-17 yrs.
31. STICK HORSE Flag Race 18 & Over
32. Lead line Pole Bending 10 yrs and Under.
33. W/T Pole Bending 11 yrs. and under
34. W/T Pole Bending 12-17 yrs.
35. W/T Pole Bending 18 and Over
36. STICK HORSE Pole Bending 11 yrs. and under
37 STICK HORSE Pole Bending 12-17 yrs.
38. STICK HORSE Pole Bending 18 & Over

Download your entry form (PDF) and send it in or drop it off

Spectators are welcome!

Come enjoy a fun day with your family and friends.